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“The remarkable invention is NOT the Blockchain, the remarkable invention IS INDEED Bitcoin!”

Unless you’ve been living under a badly eroded rock for the past three years, you have definitely been hearing a lot of noise about Bitcoin. A lot of this is just that.

While there are millions of people all over the world that are talking about Bitcoin these days, there are actually only a few people who know exactly what is going on.
Our goal at iAMcommand is to get you interested, excited and thoroughly educated about this amazing technology so that you can seize the tremendous opportunities that come with Bitcoin.
To do this, we have ingested a great deal of technical Bitcoin knowledge, and are constantly analyzing it from the view point of marketing and sales, while at the same time figuring out how to deliver our knowledge our clients in easy to understand ideas that they can use to succeed in this new normal.

In our early days of trying to figure out Bitcoin, we noticed these large groups of people in the business world who went around insisting that “The truly remarkable invention is not Bitcoin but it was the Blockchain”. Another large crowd of people insisted that “Bitcoin has no intrinsic value”. These two robotic sentences were repeated so many times that it became pretty obvious that there wasn’t much detailed learning going on. So we knew that we had a massive opportunity to help our clients take advantage of the “internet of money”.

Therefore, we present to you our response to those two shallow clichés:

“The truly remarkable invention is NOT the Blockchain. It is indeed Bitcoin – The entire system!”

Because just like our argument about solar, it is important to understand that Bitcoin is a complex solution that uses whole group of technologies in tandem to produce a unique solution which has the power to change humanity forever. A blockchain on it’s own cannot create deflation in a currency. A blockchain does not have the power to create incredible security by itself. A blockchain by itself does not do away with a trusted third party. In fact spokespeople from today’s giant legacy financial institutions are busy going around using this same cliche – as though it were not them that the true Bitcoin blockchain was invented to disrupt!

So, it is only those with a limited understanding of what Bitcoin and its Blockchain actually does that make the statement about the Blockchain being “the great invention” and not Bitcoin.
BTW ► A link to the original Bitcoin whitepaper

However, there’s still a few people out there who truly understand the potential of Bitcoin. Those people would be able to take advantage of the dramatic changes that Bitcoin is set to actuate in the world in the years to come.

You can be one of those people!